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Quick look at SIMAGENA 2015

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SIMAGENA 2015 results

You can check out the results of SIMAGENA 2015.

You can search by competition ("concours"), by species ("espèce"), by breed ("race") or by department ("département").


Photos of SIMAGENA 2015

Discover all the pictures of SIMAGENA 2015.


44% of farmers visiting SIMA were livestock farmers

SIMAGENA welcomed over 200 exhibiting breeders from around Europe, and 250 dairy and beef cattle.

8 breeds were at SIMA 2015:

Milk: Holstein, Montbéliarde
Beef: Aubrac, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Charolaise, Gasconne, Limousine, Salers

A complete range of livestock farming equipment!


SIMA - The beef cattle programme

New in 2015: Hornless Charolais open show, with a panel of international judges


New in 2015: Sale of the naturally-hornless Charolais breeding stock

Organised by Gènes Diffusion in partnership with KBS Genetic


A Euro Limousine Open Show

With more than 80 animals from various European countries (Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, France).


Sale of multi-breed Simbeef

The Limousine day will end with this and it will be one of the highlights of the 2015 exhibition. Recognized throughout Europe, this event brings together large-scale buyers – some from the mass merchandising market for slaughter animals – from throughout Europe (Germany, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland). The best buyers come to SIMAGENA to purchase animals of exceptional quality, as well as high-quality embryos and semen. Again, European customers account for 50% of the exhibition’s buyers. The Limousine, Charolaise, Aubrac, Salers, and Blonde d’Aquitaine breeds will be represented.


SIMA - The dairy cattle programme

New in 2015: Competition on primiparous Holstein cows


Paris Dairy Sale - Holstein auction

Organised by Diamond Genetics (Netherlands). It has placed 30 lots of heifers and cows on the auction block, about 50% of them being of French origin.


Other activities throughout SIMA

Open shows renowned throughout Europe. SIMAGENA was the first show to organize a European open show for cattle. The event showcased animal husbandry and the quality of breeder farmers over several generations. Participants also had access to stalls for their animals, and the opportunity to present their work and benefit from a forum for showcasing their know-how. The Charolaise, Aubrac, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Salers and Limousine breeds were in the spotlight.

Naturally hornless cattle of the breeds Holstein, Limousine, Salers and Charolaise, were presented by Gènes Diffusion and KBS Genetic. They participated in open shows, proof of the importance of this new type of breed.

A Genes Diffusion animal genomics presentation highlighted 2 breeds: Holstein and Charolaise, and commercial demonstrations of equipment.


SIMAGENA Ring programme

Last update: 6 February 2015

  • Sunday 22 February 2015

8.30 am: Beef cattle weigh-ins
10 am: Presentation of the Charolais breed
11 am: Hornless and genotype Charolais open show
12.30 pm: Presentation of auction animals
2 pm: Presentation of Gènes Diffusion’s genetic and reproduction technology innovations
3.30 pm: Hornless and genotype Charolais breeding stock auction moderated by Gènes Diffusion and KBS Genetic


  • Monday 23 February 2015

10 am: Aubrac open show
11.30 am: Salers open show
1 pm: Presentation of Gasconne breed cattle by FENVIA
2 pm: Blonde d’Aquitaine open show
4 pm: Blonde d’Aquitaine cattle auction organised by GIE Blonde in conjunction with Aseban and moderated by KBS Genetic


  • Tuesday 24 February 2015

10 am: Presentation of Holstein lineages by Canadian judge, Mr Brian Craswell Holstein breed ideal genetic model
11.30 am: Presentation of Montbéliarde breed cattle by JURABETAIL
12.45 am: Presentation of Montbéliarde breed cattle by Procross- Coopex
1.30 pm: Paris Dairy Sale, Holstein auction by Diamond Genetics
4 pm: Presentation of Gènes Diffusion’s genetic and reproduction technology innovations


  • Wednesday 25 February 2015

10 am: Limousine breeding stock open show
2 pm: Limousine breed cattle for slaughter open show
3.30 pm: Simbeef sale of Limousine and Charolaise cattle breeds moderated by KBS Genetic
5 pm: Auction of cattle for slaughter moderated by KBS Genetic and Beauvallet Plainemasoin


  • Thursday 26 February 2015

10 am: Interbreed open show
12.30 pm: Awards presented to the champions for each breed


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