Photo d'ambiance SIMA 2017

SIMA in review

Published on by Aurélie Chauvier - updated on - Salon

The last edition of SIMA took place from February 24th to 28th. Discover all the facts and figures from the last event: exhibitors, visitors, events and media.

Visitors: key figures

  • 230, 000 entries
  • 140 countries
  • 25% international visitors
  • 400 international delegations


  • 1,800 companies
  • 42 countries
Top Exhibiting countries

Covering 15 sectors:

  • Traction
  • Components, spare parts and accessories, onboard electronics
  • Tilling, sowing and planting
  • Plant protection
  • Irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvesting
  • Equipment for tropical crops
  • Handling, transport, storage and buildings
  • Stock-breeding equipment
  • Milking and dairy equipment
  • Professional landscaping equipment, forestry equipment
  • Sustainable development, renewable energies
  • Management, IT, software
  • Professional organisations, services, advice

Review of the program for the 2019 edition

A theme developed through several show features:

•    Innovation Village: a prospective area in touch with the current needs of farmers and manufacturers
•    Start-Up Villages: 35 innovative start-up gathered
•    Satellite AGRI'HACKATHON: 100 participants for 48 hours of research on the theme "agriculture and satellite data"
•    Job Dating: 190 candidates, 50 offers made by 16 companies
•    SIMA's 4 round tables on the major issues facing the farming world such as organic agriculture, the cropping systems of tomorrow, agriculture in the digital age, livestock and AgTech

SIMA Innovation Awards

And 2  events to promote business integration

Brought together farming professionals, exhibitors, official bodies and private operators from Africa.

Colloquium that gathered exhibitors and dealers from all over the world.

Media coverage

600+ journalists (53% French, 47% foreign)