Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery: Two Sectors Currently Hiring

Unemployment is slowly declining but is still a substantial threat in France. Nevertheless a few sectors are continuing to recruit in large numbers. We take a look at the job opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Recruitment difficulties for agricultural sectors

For several years the agricultural sector has struggled to fill all its vacancies, despite a national unemployment rate verging on 10%. And yet the agriculture industry offers a number of varied and high-leveljob opportunities, especially since the introduction of innovative technologies in the industry. Furthermore, certain jobs such as machinery selling and maintenance, tractor driving, wine selling, cattle breeding, and consulting all have a bright future. France Strategy forecasts 175 ,000 job offers in the agriculture industry between now and 2022, including 18,000 managerial positions, and a drop in the number of unqualified jobs due to the increasing use of agricultural technologies. Many recruitment campaigns have been deployed; the latest to date focussing exclusively on enlisting female applicants, on the initiative of FNEDT (National Federation of Territorial Entrepreneurs)..

Hiring within the agricultural machinery sector

The agricultural machinery industry represents 100 ,000 jobs in France, divided into 15 different disciplines. The sector offers opportunities at all levels andwith attractive career paths. However, every year, about 5 000 job offers remain vacant. With more than 230 colleges proposing secondary and/or higher education programmes in the agricultural machinery field, industry stakeholders hope that block release apprenticeships will encourage young graduates to seize the many opportunities available to them.

A recent partnership between Aprodema (promoting jobs and training in the industry) and APECITA (helping recruiters and job-seekers in farming, foodprocessing and the environment) aims to solve this problem by increasing the appeal of the sector towards young people, while also developing new recruitment techniques. During the Paris International Agricultural Show, Aprodema was present for the first time in the Agri' Recrute hub which featured talks and personal accounts of job disciplines in order to raise awareness of these positions, particularly among the general public.


Recruiters and job seekers can find out more on the webstites of Aprodema  and Apecita