The best of day 4

Livestock in the spotlight for this 4th day

Highlight of the day

Livestock Day

Today, livestock was in the spotlight thanks to SIMAGENA. In a few years, it has become an unmissable event in beef cattle genetic.
This new event gathered several highlights allowing professionals from all over the world to meet and network:
Open shows revisited in a modern and friendly way, animated by highly reputed international judges, and international auctions (animated by KBS Genetic, Beauvallet Plainemaison and Gènes Diffusion), in the presence of breeders from European countries. A SIMAGENA’s not to be missed date, the sales of the Charolaise breed, heifers of the Holstein breed, SIMBEEF sale of sires, cows and heifers of the Limousine breed… are unique events where auctions can reach very high levels.
Many innovations, that will revolutionize the future in livestock, are present in the SIMAGENA’s hall 2.


How AgTech increases the profi tability of livestock farming

Round table offered by AXEMA and the SIMA, organized with Réussir Group and INRA

After precision agriculture, precision livestock farming has now become a must! Its objective: to assist farmers in their decision-making by supplementing their observations with the use of sensors to measure animals’ behavioural, physiological or production parameters and the input of new technologies to exchange, store and reproduce the information collected. Yields, milk quality, raw material prices, weather, etc.: by providing access to a vast array of data, precision livestock farming techniques enable farmers to improve performance and costs while offering multiple advantages in terms of animal welfare and human health (workload, ergonomics, etc.). By monitoring their animals in this way, farmers can detect health or feeding problems at a very early stage and predict the consequences. Digital technology is also an accelerator of performance and precision in the genetic selection of farm animals. Precision livestock farming is therefore becoming more widespread thanks to the arrival on the market of sensors (heat detection, calving surveillance, detection of health problems, feed management, etc.) and applications (machine adjustment, herd monitoring, price and market information, etc.). This trend is accompanied by the growing use of robotics in livestock farming to cope with a shrinking workforce and respond to the desire to improve working conditions.

Did You Know?

New record on auction sale!

Olga, a 6-months heifer from the Prim’Holstein breed, has been sold for 130,000 euros, a European historical record. Her half-sister was holding the previous record with a German sale reaching 120,000 euros.
This price can be easily explained: an exceptional genetic line. This heifer was presented such as one of the best in the world. Gah Olga des Grilles (her full name) belonged to Gaec August (Eure-et-Loir) and to Gaec des Grilles (Orne) and was bought to a German and Canadian purchaser trade union.

Climatised waterbed for dairy cows

Bioret Agri Aquaclim

Free stall mattresses which recirculate cooled water using a cooling system. It provides maximum laying comfort and zoothermic heat regulation in even the most severe climatic conditions and/or for dairy cattle with very high production potential.