The best of day 2

An inspiring second day, full of interesting content

Highlight of the day

Enhanced agriculture: a reality today and tomorrow

The round table on Enhanced Agriculture organised by AXEMA and SIMA, a raging success! 

In just a few years, the development of digital technology has shaken up the whole value chain in agriculture. Faced with the challenge of “producing more and better, to feed an ever-growing population” thrown down to those in the sector, the connected (or indeed enhanced) farmer’s answer is “smart, decision-based farming”. This new moderate, qualitative approach is made possible by three key elements: big agricultural data, which collects, stores and processes information; precision agriculture, which holds the potential to reduce input use and environmental impact; and automation and robotisation. The goals of this innovative approach are to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture and farms, to optimise the quality and traceability of agricultural production and to enhance farmers’ quality of life, making the profession more attractive. The approach is also strategic in that it should enable farmers to overcome hazards, as well as multiple complex risks, all of which are difficult to anticipate, measure, manage, reduce or avoid. However, for this trend to become established, several challenges remain to be met: building an environment conducive to business development (launch and development of AgTech start-ups), working to ensure that needs and innovations are perfectly matched in terms of relevance, accessibility and ease of use, and developing specific training for designers and users of digital tools.


Co-organised by SEDIMA and SIMA and supported by CLIMMAR

For its second edition, this symposium co-organised by SEDIMA and supported by CLIMMAR addressed the theme of recruitment and employment across Europe via the experience of five leading countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Switzerland. CLIMMAR’s President set out its overall vision on this issue. The SIMA Dealers’ Day aimed especially at all distributors, importers and dealers attending the exhibition, as well as exhibiting manufacturers from all around the world. The discussion will be moderated by Benoît Egon, a journalist specialised in agricultural mechanisation, for Terre-net Média. This event was followed by an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas over a lunchtime cocktail.

Agroequipment: can it contribute to agroecology?
Organised by IRSTEA and INRA

Agroecology is based on three main principles: reducing inputs, closing cycles and making better use of ecosystem functions. Will this ecologically driven approach be able to do without agroequipment, or will it be obliged to use it? This event addressed the issue from two perspectives: reducing the use of plant protection products (especially glyphosate) and the necessary recovery of soil fertility.


Digital inclusion, popularisation of tools: a new challenge for tomorrow’s agriculture!
Is digital technology available to every farmer? Are telephony and the internet tools to increase competence? How can use of the internet as a tool for farmers’ social and economic integration be sustained in the long term? Connected sensors, Artificial Intelligence, decision-making tools: what about good old common sense in all of this? What if this technology could offer us ways to better understand the environment around us?

Did You Know ?

SIMA Farmers’ Dinner by Vazapp

The Farmers’ Dinner was an innovative social experience in which stories and dreams were shared. The aim is to create links between farmers from all over Europe, with other stakeholders. Farmers are actors and not only spectators, for a reverse conference, where stakeholders and political representatives listen to them, discovering their needs through their stories.