SPAIN: GEA Explotaciones Agrarias to plant 200 hectares of 100% Spanish and eco-friendly pistachio trees

According to the newspaper AgroTécnica 

Following the launch of a domestic pistachio processing factory with a production capacity of more than 500 tonnes (, its promoters have initiated the second phase of the project, consisting of planting 200 hectares of 100% domestic and eco-friendly pistachios, guaranteeing the values of “quality, origin and traceability” demanded by retail chains.

It was by forming the investment vehicle GEA Explotaciones Agrarias that the project developers obtained the funding necessary for the planting of these 200 hectares, a goal which is exemplary in environmental and social terms as it consists of planting more than 40,000 trees (all organically farmed) in rurally underdeveloped zones such as Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha in particular.

€2 million investment is planned in land and plants, with a view to installing these 200 hectares before 31 March 2020.

As its developers explain, “GEA is set up like a long-term investment fund, where investment is made during the first two years and returns are expected after 4/5 years, once the plants have started producing, but with a very high residual value compared to the very few adult productions that expect to exist in Spain in the future".

The firm also declares that GEA has a technical team made up of top level agronomic engineers who have been designing plantations of this type for many years and adapt the varieties to meteorological and soil conditions.

It also highlights the fact that Nuevos Cultivos Agrarios SL, the pistachio processing plant and also a shareholder of GEA, guarantees the purchase of the future harvests, together with top-quality marketing. 

Sources: AgroTécnica