SIMA Innovation Awards: where are they now? MICHELIN for EVOBIB

Following on from Rousseau, it’s now Michelin’s turn to tell us how its award-winning product from the last edition of SIMA has evolved. Discover or re-discover EVOBIB, the evolutionary 2-in-1 tyre, awarded a gold medal in 2017!


“The recognition of the farming world is a source of great pride”

Benoît Puel (agricultural innovation expert at Michelin) and José Godineau (a farmer who has been using remote inflation for more than 20 years) remind us of the benefits of the disruptive innovation embodied by EVOBIB.

The product is the result of a collective research effort led jointly by the manufacturer and users, delivering a combination of soil protection, fuel savings and wear reduction.

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If you’re exhibiting at SIMA 2019, why not follow the lead of Michelin: enter your innovation and take advantage of the exceptional visibility on offer! From start-ups to tractor manufacturers, all types of company are allowed to take part!
So don’t delay – entries close on 19 September.

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This film was produced with the support of our partner Terre-net