The organic industy shows incredible growth in France

Within ten years the organic market as rapidly grown from 2,069 billion euros worth to 7,147 billion (+278%). This amazing increase has been supported by high customer demand.

Constant Progress of the Organic Useful Agricultural Surface

In 2016, 7,26 % of the 32 264 French farms were committed to organic farming, a 12 % increase compared to 2015. With a total surface of 1 538 047 hectares dedicated to the organic farming, France is in third place at the European level behind Spain (2 018 802 ha) and Italy (1 796 363 ha).

The growth in this sector has been felt in all the divisions of the industry (big cultures, surfaces lanyards, fresh vegetables, fruits, PPAM, vine), but its success is not fairly divided in all of France. The Occitanie, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Pays de la Loire regions have been providing 60% of the total organic French production.

French people are developing a taste for organic products

According to the consumer indicator generated by Agence BIO, 74 % of the French people intend to increase their organic consumption and 85 % consider important to develop the sector, on top of that, 90 % of parents are interested in an organic offer in school catering. This increase in demand and substantial enthusiasm for organic products can be partially attributed to events and initiatives similar to the Printemps BIO which has for objective to inform the general public and the professionals about the profits of organic farming and its products.

Job creation and strong economic growth

The positive externalities of organic food for the health of the consumer and the environment have been proven multiple times, just as much as its impact on employment. An organic operation represents on average 2,4 units of annual work against 1,5 in conventional and the sector currently counts 118 000 direct jobs, with 32 500 jobs created within the last four years.

The variety of jobs created within the sector is indisputable:

  • 77 000 direct jobs within farms
  • 2 000 jobs in counseling, control, research, training, etc.
  • 12 800 direct jobs for the transformation of organic products
  • 23 800 direct jobs for the retail sales of organic products

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