Alqueva (Portugal): the government invests €36 million in a new irrigation plant

In Portugal, the Minister of Agriculture has unveiled a new irrigation block in Alqueva, a structure in the municipality of Moura that will provide water to 10,000 hectares and represents a public investment of 36 million euros.

In a press release sent to newsrooms, the office of Mr. Capoulas Santos said: "This development covers areas of small and large property, currently dedicated to traditional olive groves and vineyards, which will be covered by a main hydraulic circuit of about 15 km in length. This project includes a pumping station and two reservoirs that will supply the irrigation network, which extends for 130 km. It is planned to install a photovoltaic power plant in the Alqueva reservoir, which will compensate for the increase of energy consumed in the associated pumping station. "

According to the Minister of Agriculture, "This is a project that this Government is particularly proud of. In 2015, irrigation from the Alqueva delivered by the previous Executive reached 120,000 hectares, without any effort being made to make better use of available water. For this Government, irrigation is a priority and a national irrigation programme has been approved, an instrument that provides for a public investment of 560 million euros to be implemented by 2023 and which will increase the irrigated area throughout the country by approximately 100,000 hectares ".

Source: by Ana Rita Costa, the 12th september 2018