Future of global farming worldwide - 2019 SIMA conferences

Round table on worldwide farming issues. SIMA Dealer's Day or SIMA African Summit, Discover the line up of all 2019 SIMA Conferences.

Ranging from round tables on the key issues in farming around the world to the SIMA Dealer’s Day and the SIMA African Summit, discover the programme of talks and conferences happening at SIMA 2019.
The wide range of talks and presentations at SIMA 2019 will offer an all-encompassing perspective of issues and innovations driving the farming world today. Addressing topics including new technology, organic farming and collective optimisation, an array of world-renowned specialists will be in attendance to offer their points of view.

Designing tomorrow's cropping sytems today

The cropping systems of the future will be required to address the dual challenge of increasing production and reducing environmental impact. Among other subjects, the specialist speakers will discuss combined and intermediate crops and closing nutrient cycles.

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Enchanced agriculture: a reality today and tomorrow

New technology in farming is a burning topic which is likely to shape the future. What are the actual uses for it today, and what are the most promising innovations on the market? 

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Organic farming: why and how to commit to organic?

The consumption of products sourced from organic farming is on a continuous upward trend. Organic remains the major growth factor in the food sector. This talk will offer the benefit of the experience of market players involved in the organic sector.

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How AGTECH increases the profitability of livestock farming?

Is it feasible to improve farmers’ working conditions while also enhancing animal welfare? Discover how AgTech has already revolutionised animal husbandry and how this is set to continue in the future.

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SIMA Dealer’s day

Drawing on insight from the five leading European countries, come together for discussion and dialogue around employment and recruitment in farming.

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SIMA African summit

Boosting the economies of the rural zones of Africa through the vectors of agriculture and food is an important part of many African development schemes. Local experts will discuss mechanisation, technology and agri-food dynamics in this round table. 

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