Why exhibit at SIMA?

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Key reasons to exhibit at SIMA:


Solutions for all farmers

SIMA fulfils the requirements of all farmers, whatever the size of farm or production method.

An exhaustive product range for row crops, livestock farming and specialist crops:

  • Traction
  • Components, parts and accessories, on-board electronics
  • Tilling, sowing, planting
  • Crop protection
  • Irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvesting
  • Equipment for tropical crops
  • Handling, transport, storage and buildings
  • Livestock machinery and equipment
  • Milking and dairy equipment
  • Landscaping and forestry-specific equipment
  • Sustainable development, renewable energy
  • Management, IT, software
  • Offi cial bodies, services, consulting

SIMAGENA, meeting for professionals from breeding and genomics in Paris

  • 200 European breeders
  • 250 cattle
  • Open shows
  • Auctions
  • 6 beef races: Aubrac, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Charolaise, Gasconne, Limousine, Salers
  • 2 dairy races: Montbéliarde, Holstein

Come together with a qualified and diverse visitor audience

84% buyers, 16% specifiers

Visitors profile

Fast-developing visitor profiles: Farmers with agricultural areas in excess of 200 hectares and livestock farmers with more than 150 head herds.

Visitor breakdown (excluding western Europe)

SIMA visitor breakdown

Break into regions with high potential and growth to address the global food challenge


SIMA: the tradeshow for farming innovation

Start-up Village

The Start-up Village presents solutions in phase with a fast-moving agricultural sector.
2nd edition - 20 young companies - Exchange - Workshops, etc.
On-board electronics, new technology, services and advice, social platforms, farm management assistance, etc.

SIMA Innovation Awards

BOOST YOUR SALES: present your innovations. With the SIMA Innovation awards, a world-acclaimed showcase for innovation, SIMA gives centre stage to technological development and foresight.
The award-winning products will be exhibited at the exhibition in February 2019.
In 2017: 25 award winners, including 2 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 18 Bronze medals.

SIMA meetings

  • NEW : Agrosupplies Village
    This is the first edition of this area dedicated to seeds, fertilisers and crop protection. SIMA today caters to the upstream segments of agriculture, thereby fulfi lling all farm needs.
  • SIMA African Summit
    The second edition of the congress organised with AXEMA and SIMA.
    On the agenda: identification of high-potential zones, testimonies, key success factors, presentations of tools and services to develop business in Africa. The event is aimed at all SIMA exhibitors and all African professionals (crop or livestock farmers).
  • SIMA Dealer's Day-Ting
    The second edition of the special theme day dedicated to dealers from around the world. This colloquium is for visitors to the show who are dealers, distributors or importers and also for manufacturer exhibitors.


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