1. Access your customer zone

I have not received my password Fermer

Access codes to your Customer Zone section are no longer be sent to you by email.

Click on Forgot password: Enter the email address given during your registration. You will receive a link to reset your password. Please add this email: [email protected] to contact list.

2. Registration of your partners (Co-exhibitor, collective)

Individual companies: You wish to share your stand with one or more companies Fermer

From your Customer Zone. First you need to order co-exhibitor rights in your “Store > Partner registration > Co-exhibitor registration”. Then tab “Partners > Declare partners”

National pavilions: How to register your collectives? Fermer

From your exhibitor section. First you need to order collectives rights in your “Store > Partner registration > collectives business pack”. Then tab “Partners > Declare partners”

3. Preparation of your stand

How to properly prepare your show? Fermer

A logbook is available. To help you plan your show, we have designed as a quick reference guide to help your easily find all the answers to your questions. This does not replace the Exhibitor Manual which will be made available online in June 2020 in your Customer Zone.

Download Exhibitor Logbook

What are the important deadlines? Fermer

A To Do List is available, it lists everything you need to do to prepare the show and be on time. 

Download your to do list

4. Booth and equipment

Bare stands only: Who do I send my layout to? Fermer

You can send your design to DECOPLUS at the following address: [email protected]before December 18th, 2020

Bare stand: how to order my technical services linked to my stand Fermer

Order add-on technical facilities and services (Electric and internet connections, parking, carpet, storage, spots, furniture…..) in your Customer Zone, then tab “Store” from September 2020.

Equipped stands “The design by Marcelo Joulia”: Who do I send my design to? Fermer

A SIMA fitted stand advisor will contact you by email for your approval about your choice of colour carpet, the positioning of your storage and sign and the various services included with your stand.
Order add-on technical facilities and services (parking, wifi, furniture,) in your Customer Zone, then tab “store” from September 2020.

Basic stand: Fitting includes Fermer

Blue carpet, white melamine partitions panels, stands sign. Attention: spotlight and power supply are not included to order in your “Store”.

Where can I find the architectural regulations? Fermer

Architecture and decoration rules regulations are available now.

Download the Architecture 

Declare the decorator/stand contractor? Fermer

In “My account/ My decorators”. A decorator's own account is opened and linked to the Exhibitor's Customer zone. The decorator can order independently. Orders will be invoiced to the decorator/stand contractor directly!
If you have multiple surfaces, you will have to declare the decorator on each of the stands concerned.

Create an account administrator and define the access for him Fermer

In "My account/My contacts". The decorator/stand contractor/assistant receives an email to be able to place orders online (on the Exhibitor's account). You agree, in doing so, to pay any order placed by them on your behalf.  

5. Invitations from September 2020

Paper invitation cards Fermer

A mandatory endowment of invitation cards is included in your registration and will be sent automatically, from September 2020.

  • Stand < 40m²: compulsory allocation of 10 invitation cards / sq.m
  • Stand > 40m²: compulsory allocation of 400 invitation cards (8 sets of 50 cards)

You can order of additional invitation cards (125€ Excl.VAT – 50 invitation cards per set).

Where will I receive my printed invitations? Fermer

You will receive them at the postal address indicated at the time of your registration. You have the possibility to modify this address in your exhibitor area in the INVITATIONS section.

6. Badges Exhibitors from 22th October 2020

How many exhibitor badges am I getting? Fermer

The number of badge provided is calculated automatically according to the surface area of the stand.
12 – 49 m²: 12 badges / 150 – 499 m²: 25 badges / 500 à 999 m: 40 badges / > 1 000 m²: 50 badges
Co-exhibitor or collective: 3 badges exhibitors

How to personalize my exhibitor badges? Fermer

You must personalize them in your Customer Area in the tab and section "Badges & Invitations> Exhibitor badges" or by clicking on the button found in the "Home" tab.

How do I retrieve my exhibitor badges? Fermer

From 8th October 2020, 1 month before the exhibition opening, you will be able to download and print your badges (provided that the balance of your participation is paid). You can edit and download your exhibitor badges from your Customer Zone. Please note that you will need a unique email address for each badge to be edited. Once created, you will be able to download them individually or as a whole in PDF format.

7. Badges build-up and dismantling

How to order badges for our service providers? Fermer

The assembly / disassembly badges for your service providers and subcontractors are not personalized and will be available at the entrance to the halls from the start of assembly. They will be distributed by the security service set up by the organizer. They are not valid during the period of opening to the public from Tuesday 21th to Thursday 25th February at 6:00 p.m.

8. Communication / Catalogue

How to register in the Catalogue? Fermer

All exhibitors are listed free of charge in the official catalogue with their stand number, details, e-mail address and website.
For additional visibility, exhibitors can complete their company details page by ordering extra items.

9. Orders and Invoices

Where to consult my orders? Fermer

You can view all your orders in your Customer Area in the tab and section "Financial Zone> Orders and or > Items ordered".

I have not received my invoice Fermer

You can find it on your exhibitor section in "Financial area > Invoices and payment". If you do not see it, it means that it has not yet been sent to you and will be sent to you as soon as possible by our invoicing department. If you are not the one paying, then you will not have access to the invoices and we advise you to contact directly the company in charge of the payment of your participation.

Where to find SIMA's bank details? Fermer

You will find the SIMA RIB at the bottom of your invoices.

10. Access to the Exhibition Centre

Where can I order parking spaces? How can I obtain them? Fermer

Bare stand and Basic stand: Once you have ordered the parking spaces in the store in your Customer Zone, remember to download the counter-brand. Then you can collect them on site (during installation) from the parking terminals provided for this purpose.

Equipped stands “The design by Marcelo Joulia” include a parking space for stands of 12 to 24 sqm or 2 parking spaces for stands > 24 to 36 sqm.

Subscription packages for parking are available, to be reserved in your Customer Zone.
During the set up and the opening, you can buy car park spaces, subject to availability, at the Exhibitor office located at in the Hall 5a.

How can I access the exhibition center for deliveries? Fermer

Parking is free during installation and dismantling but each vehicle (light and heavy weight) must be declared on LOGIPASS - + 33 (0)1 40 68 11 30

Delivery address for equipment Fermer

Think of specifying well your delivery address to all your carriers and deliverers:
SIMA 2021 – VIPARIS – Parc des expositions
Your company name:
Stand number:
Stand contact with phone number
93420 Villepinte - France

Important: SIMA cannot assure in no way the reception of your parcels.

11. Installation / dismantling and delivery

12. Accommodation

Do you have any hotel recommendations for me? Fermer

To consult the accommodation offers proposed by B-Network, the official hotel reservation centre for the show and benefit from a preferential rate for your hotel reservation.

View offers from our patner b network