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To shine a spotlight on solutions and technologies to achieve high-performance and sustainable agriculture, SIMA creates SIMA TECH!

SIMA TECH: above all, a place for meetings and dialogue at the centre of the show

Here, you will find tangible solutions to today’s agricultural challenges, but also the technologies and practices of tomorrow.

To bring this space to life, SIMA has teamed up with organisations specialising in a range of domains: technical institutes, the world of research, user and manufacturer associations, chambers of agriculture, machine builders, etc.

4 major subjects faced by famers today will be highlighted:

  • Reducing plant protection products: the health of plants and people
  • Carbon footprint of crop and livestock farming
  • More comfortable working conditions, task simplification and workplace safety
  • Assessment and control of economic and environmental performance

These will be addressed through a series of talks, workshops and meetings but also through a unique offering of solutions.

A shared zone at the heart of the show

Located in hall 6, SIMA TECH will comprise:

  • A central area devoted to talks, workshops and networking
  • Start-ups
  • Manufacturers of agricultural robots
  • A pitch and discussion area dedicated to start-ups and the offering in robotics
  • Foresight content

Among the area’s active participants: AXEMA, GOFAR, La Ferme Digitale, INRAE, ACTA, APCA, UIPP, GNIS, UFS, IBMA, RobAgri, Naïo, Claas, Sulky, Exxact Robotics, Kubota, CarbonBee, Sitia…

Further information coming soon on the 4 themes addressed (talk and workshop programme) and on the start-up and robotics zones: consult our website under the Events section.