Grandes tendances SIMA Innovation Awards 2021

The major trends for 2021 SIMA Innovation Awards

For this edition of the SIMA Innovation Awards, 3 major trends are showing: the digital technology, the occupational health, safety and working conditions and the increasing consideration for agro-ecological transition.

3 major trends for 2021

The public health situation with which we are now familiar led to SIMA in November 2022 being cancelled and SIMA Innovation Awards being organised in digital format. Despite these circumstances, many manufacturers were keen to enter their innovations in this very special edition of the SIMA Innovation Awards.

The innovations presented this year are all very tangible and illustrate the dynamism of a sector facing an unprecedented crisis. These innovations are mainly dedicated to improving the working conditions of users and increasing the technical and economic performance of farms.

Within the different categories into which the entries are now divided, we can see trends emerging that are not necessarily aligned with the categories specified in the competition. Above all, these trends reflect the major concerns of users and manufacturers just as much as they reflect the current state of available technologies.

As expected, Digital technology is a firm fixture among the innovations presented, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to single it out specifically it because it tends to fade into the background by giving centre stage to the innovative functions it provides. For example, digital technology features abundantly in devices whose main role is to improve occupational health, safety and working conditions.
This second trend is very noticeable this year, much more so than in previous editions.  Manufacturers are displaying their imagination to reduce the risks of accidents and MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and improve the comfort of use of machines.

Finally, the third trend relates to the accuracy of applications, the quality of work and increasing consideration for the agro-ecological transition and environmental protection. Here too, digital technology is frequently behind innovations falling within this trend, as it contributes to the improvement of equipment and processes, and combines with other innovations.

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