Catégorie Sols et cultures

Category soils and crops

Discover the 9 nominees in the category "Soils and crops" for the 2021 SIMA Innovation Awards

List of companies and products nominees in the category soils and cultures

  • AGROWIN International / E.V. Développement: SCALPWIN – The first scalper-seeder with independant rows on the market
  • AMAZONE: FERTISPOT – Spot-accurate fertiliser application
    Amazone - Fertispot
  • EVRARD: R-ACTIV – The EVRARD R-ACTIV air-controlled spraying circuit
  • SKY AGRICULTURE: EasyDrill Fertisem Pro II E-drive Premium – A solution for the agro-ecological transition
    Sky Agriculture - EasyDrill Fertisem Pro II E-drive Premium
  • Smart-Apply ®:  Intelligent Spray Control System ™ - Spraying system based on the LiDAR which identifies canopy and foliage density with precision; then controls each nozzle individually
    Smart-Apply® - Intelligent Spray Control System™
  • STECOMAT: FARMDROID FD20 – Sowing and weeding robot
    Stecomat - FARMDROID FD20
  • SULKY: Speed Control – The new spreading technology
    Sulky - Speed Control
  • Xarvio tm Digital Farming Solutions: Healthy Fields – Innovative experimentation of a disruptive business model in the crop protection sector
    Xarvio - Healthy Fields
  • Zürn Harvesting GmbH + co KG: ZÜRN TOP CUT COLLECT – Weed harvester


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