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Conference: "Soil, Agroecology & Agricultural Sectors: Supporting the Transition towards a Living Agriculture"

Sessions :

  • Sunday 24 February 2019 14:30 - 17:00 - Duration : 02h30

Hall 4 - mezzanine

Sunday 24 February 2019 - 14:30 - 17:00
Duration of the event : 02h30


Rencontres internationales de l’agriculture du vivant

Place :

Hall 4 - mezzanine


“Living agriculture” brings together a set of agricultural techniques known as “agroforestry”, direct sowing under cover, conservation or regenerative agriculture, permaculture or market gardening on living soil. These agricultural practices are based on the principle of “feeding the soil to feed mankind”. By copying the fundamental principles of nature, living agriculture uses plant engineering to restore the cycle of fertility. It produces better yields while improving the nutritional quality of the products. Under the patronage of Marcel Bouché, an internationally acclaimed agronomist and earthworm specialist, researchers and farmers from around the world will present the results of their work.

2.30 pm: From Soil Health to Human Health

4.00 pm: Pour une Agriculture du Vivant : Agronomy & Creation of Agricultural Sectors 

5.00 pm: Questions & Answers



  • Frédéric Thomas


    Jill Clapperton

    Centre de recherche agriculture et agroalimentaire

    Odette Ménard

    Ministère de l’Agriculture, de la Pêche et de l’Alimentation du Québec

    Sébastien Roumegous

    Pour une Agriculture du Vivant

    Arthur Buresi

    Pour une Agriculture du Vivant

    François Mulet

    Ver de Terre Production

    Konrad Schreiber


    Alain Canet

    Paysage in Marciac / Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite Agricole

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