Thato Moagi, Limpopo, South Africa

How we feed the world tomorrow is dependent on the engagement of young people

Thato Moagi

Her farm

  • 50 ha mixed farming operation
  • Breeding of Khalahari goats and Boran cattle
  • Cultivation of maize, soyabean and potatoes under centre pivots
  • Production of vegetables, herbs and spinach under shadenet greenhouses
  • Apiary
  • Everything is produced organically and sold locally

Her innovations

  • Thato became acutely aware of the serious obstacles faced by young people wishing to go into farming in South Africa: access to land, capital, markets, networks and risk management tools
  • This observation totally changed her approach to agriculture. She converted her farm into an incubation platform for farming projects
  • This place is open to any young people wishing to acquire the critical skills for farming and its value chain, but also to other farmers wishing to learn new skills
  • She would like to create similar incubators in all the country’s provinces so that young people can learn best practice and be exposed to the latest innovation and therefore gain access to a professional industry in which they can work comfortably

Her results

  • Thato was voted Young Farmer of the Year and Female Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015
  • As the recipient of the NUFFIELD Farming International Scholarship in 2017/2018, she was able to travel and further back up her analysis and develop her project
  • Changing her approach to farming to encourage young people to take up agriculture brought her into contact with decision makers, leading to:
    • constructive dialogue with investors who are potentially prepared to support this approach
    • an outline of active political support to implement the means of transforming the farming environment through these incubation platforms

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