Sarah Singla, Aveyron, France

Regenerating soil to produce more, better and everywhere, whilst enabling farmers to make a decent living from their job

Sarah Singla

Her farm

  • Operator of a 100-ha mixed crop and livestock farm located at 850 m altitude
  • An agronomic engineer and the chairwoman of the association “Clé de sol”, also a training consultant specialising in soil conservation and regeneration farming

Her innovations

  • Initiation of partnerships and synergies with neighbouring breeders and apiarists
  • Creation of micro-sized vertical markets to create added value up to the end product
  • In constant search of new knowledge to develop cropping practices to optimise inputs
  • More widely: recreate dynamics in the soil, in the fields and across the region
  • Performs no-till direct sowing into cover crops, conducts crop rotation and has reintroduced animals into fields

Her results

  • Continuous improvement in soil functional behaviour
  • Optimised inputs: water, nitrogen, minerals, reuse of organic matter
  • More effective weed management due to reintroducing animals on the farm
  • Better margin protection through lower mechanisation charges and by creating added value in the sale of “finished products”

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NUFFIELD report: “La réduction des intrants dans les systèmes céréaliers” available online on

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