Rebecca Hyde, Canterbury, New Zealand

Where some see challenges, I see opportunity

Rebecca HYDE

Her farm

Rebecca has two jobs: one dedicated to her family farm (sheep and beef breeding and finishing), and the other as a consultant working with farmers and industry to improve environmental management. All the farmers with whom she works see a bright future for the animal protein produced in their natural pastures.

  • 2,500 ha, 3 properties, 15,000 stock units
  • Breeding and finishing

Her innovations

Animals bred outdoors all year round that feed on high quality grass and legumes. Kale and fodderbeet specifically grown to supply feed during the winter.
Each breeding stage is rigorously studied:

  • genetic selection
  • ewes in right condition at mating
  • uscanning into multiples and cycles to optimise paddock selection for lambing
  • weighing lambs at weaning into different weight brackets to appropriately manage finishing

Her results

Lamb finishing for the export market is an important part of her business. Her all-year pasture grazing approach helps her to meet the desired grades and yields. This enables her to be very competitive and capitalise on these assets on her markets. Traceability and quality are guaranteed and verifiable.

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Twitter : @bechyde83

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