Mat Hocken, Manawatu, New Zealand

The collaborative network is the foundation on which to share and gather new ideas

Mat Hocken

His farm

  • Mat is the fourth generation to operate the family farm that dates back to 1890
  • 493 ha including 283 for dairy breeding and 210 for raising young cattle and growing cereals
  • 1,000 head of dairy cattle with two 50-stall rotary milking sheds

His innovations

Using new digital technology, Mat aims to create an open ecosystem and add a collective aspect to solution-seeking, thus placing farmers at the centre of innovation.

  • Organisation of the first Agtech hackathon in New Zealand in 2017 with the support of universities, high schools and start-ups
  • Creation of a farm cave: a venue for regular meetings between farmers and innovative firms to discuss the big challenges arising in farming.
  • Creation of a rural innovation development lab, a collaborative approach involving farmers, researchers and “techies” to:
    • identify, assess and prioritise opportunities for digital tech in farming that might foster sustainable economic growth whilst also protecting the environment,
    • generate innovative solutions in agriculture

His results

  • Created a new comprehensive development model for a sector of activity on a nationwide scale
  • Brought all stakeholders together within local networks
  • Has brought innovative ideas into contact with other sectors of activity in mixed networks – the notion of cross-pollination
  • Invented practical solutions relating to everyday farming operations, to manage pastures, water, mechanisation, health… shared innovation knows no bounds.

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