Photo de Dominique Fournillon

Dominique Fournillon, Yonne, France

I enjoy watching videos on YouTube to discover and learn new things; it’s great that other farmers share what they do.

Dominique Fournillon

His farm 

  • A cooperative farming enterprise (GAEC) with a large proportion of row crops (wheat, barley, rapeseed, pulses) and a vineyard part (23 ha)
  • Number of employees: the three Fournillon sons

His innovations 

In the past 5 years, the farm has been testing new crops to create diversity, improve its soil and reduce machinery time. The farm uses simplified cropping techniques:

  • Much less ploughing
  • Mixing crops and cover crops
  • Direct seeding of buckwheat during harvest and harvesting of buckwheat with cover crop seeding
  • Fava bean and triticale intercropping
  • Lentils: very good break crop for wheat
  • Straw left on the ground in fields

His results

  • Richer soils, good proportion of organic matter
  • Much fewer hours of tractor work, fuel savings
  • Buckwheat: high sales value, and seeded directly behind the harvester, therefore less time spent in the field
  • Intercropping: higher yields, two crops, less field contamination. The crop can be sorted or sold as meslin to livestock breeders
  • 3.7 tonnes of lentil production instead of 2 tonnes, an exceptional yield in 2018

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Crop rotation planned for 2019:
Soft wheat 117 ha, 2018 yield 7.83t/ha - Rapeseed 41 Ha, 2018 yield 3.65t/ha – Winter barley 56 Ha, 2018 yield 7.20t/ha - Maize 12 Ha, 2018 yield 6.00t/ha – Fava beans 12 Ha, 2018 yield 3.55t/ha – Spring barley 57 Ha, 2018 yield 7.10t/ha – Lentils 23 Ha, 2018 yield 3.58t/ha – Chickpeas 20 Ha, 2018 yield 2.04t/ha

His next ideas:

  • Sow maize in strip till with cover crop between rows
  • In a wheat field at the end of the summer, sow spring flax. Wheat in July and flax in October
  • Cover crop in the vineyard

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