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Benoit Mathé, Nièvre, France

Why make things complicated when they can be simple?

Benoit Mathé

His farm

  • A farmer since 1994
  • 290 ha of field crops (mainly wheat, barley, rapeseed, field peas and field beans)
  • In 2018, his son joined him and diversified the farm business by launching the production and marketing of 13kg straw bales for use by horse breeders, insulation professionals and consumers

His innovations

"I was born before the arrival of the mobile phone: it’s a revolution I experienced like all the other people in my generation:” Benoît thinks that his smartphone is the farmer’s new penknife: always in his pocket and offering a wide range of functions, it’s his new essential companion at work".

"In a farmer’s job,” he continues, “we work with equipment that represents significant investment, and which requires a lot of upkeep; it is therefore valuable. It is not at all easy to maintain, but the way we manage maintenance has evolved very little since the 1960s! We adjust our machines using printed instructions, we jot something down on a post-it note that finishes up in the tractor cab… In industry, maintenance is much more strictly monitored. I thought that new solutions might be able to contribute better support and tracking in how we manage our machines."

This observation prompted him to develop the application FlipAgri, which is easy to use and scaled to the requirement of farmers in their management and maintenance of their machine fleet. This free app allows farmers to enter the details of their equipment and link in all the other related information: instructions for use, servicing history, lists of parts, etc.

His results

FlipAgri is used by farmers, agricultural machinery cooperatives and farming contractors. It has equal numbers of customers from mixed crop / livestock farming and from field crop farming.

It offers the following benefits:

  • Easier monitoring of the condition of the equipment fleet
  • Back-up (on secure servers) of all data online, end therefore the keeping of a record
  • Several people can work on maintenance and this enables the sharing of servicing records

This application, invented (literally) from the needs out in the field, owes its success to its user-friendliness, its versatility and the fact that it is free to download. It has 2,500 users on iOS and 1,500 on Android. Today, Benoît is trying to develop the business model and grow the number of users to guarantee a future for his application.

Furthermore, his new straw bale business is very popular and has attracted many new clients.

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