Baptiste de Fressanges, Allier, France

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Baptiste de Fressanges

His farm

  • Family cooperative farm enterprise owned by brothers
  • 350 ha with mixed cropping and breeding of Charolais cattle with 120 dams
  • Production of male and female weanlings, sold to Italy
  • Production of wheat, rapeseed, triticale, peas, sunflowers

His innovations

  • Pooling of production resources with two neighbouring farms to buy machinery and inputs
  • Group selling of livestock according to the weight and type of the animal: consistent lots
  • Common feed rations, a private nutritionist to calculate the best feed pattern
  • Construction of a cereal storage unit jointly with a neighbouring farm: capacity 1,500 tonnes
  • Founding of a private company for storage of grain and purchase of raw materials
  • Took training courses on how markets operate
  • Task sharing: sales, administration, supplies

His results

  • Better technical monitoring thanks to the help of the nutritionist. Aiming to be protein self-sufficient (use of farm production)
  • Better negotiating position thanks to volumes purchased
  • Better control over sales thanks to training taken
  • Took back control of commercial activities: 100% of sales by brokerage with maximum sales on a restricted perimeter (shorter sales circuits)

Find out more

Baptiste was a Nuffield Scholar in 2015. He produced a report (in French) entitled “What future for a herd of suckler cows in an intensive system? Is our model viable?” Mindful of the necessity of speaking out and contributing to the development of the profession, he is gradually becoming involved in commercial organisations dealing in farm output sales opportunities.

This profile was written by the organisation NUFFIELD France, a member of the NUFFIELD International network. The NUFFIELD Scholarship supports agriculture professionals on an international research and development journey. It is a window onto the world and access to a worldwide farming network.