Aled Rhys Davis, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom

The farmer of the future will understand and farm bacteria as well as animals

Aled Rhys DAVIS

His activity

Brought up on a beef and sheep farm in Wales, Aled has over 20 years’ experience in agriculture. He is allergic to penicillin, which brought him to study alternatives to antibiotics agriculture in his Nuffield scholarship. Following this research, he created a company which works with farmers on the British Isles to encourage the prudent use of antibiotics

His innovation

  • Working with monogastric and ruminant livestock farmers to ensure prudent as opposed to excessive antibiotic use
  • Making it normal to reintroduce elements of nature into the housed animals' environment that will keep animals healthy
  • Communicating the good work done by farmers to limit the threat of anti-microbial resistance to consumers of food products
  • Educating farmers as to how to clean differently, using what nature does in the field within buildings and water supplies

Ses results

  • Sets up on-farm laboratories and trains farmers how to use them to find where and which infective bacterial biofilm infect their farm animals
  • Supplies bacterial products that enable farmers to achieve clean water, clean air and dry bedding for their animals. Improved general animal hygiene
  • Runs work groups to teach farmers how to limit bacterial infections of their livestock
  • Engages positively with consumers

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Read Aled Rhys Davies’ Nuffield report
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