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Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Trelleborg Wheel Systems - Tires, rims and wheels

Holdiparc 5 Parc Tertiaire de la Croix - BP 10555
60205 Compiègne Cedex


Trelleborg Wheel Systems, part of Trelleborg Group, is a leading global supplier of tires and complete wheels for agricultural and forestry machines, materials handling, construction vehicles, motorcycles, bicycle and other specialty segments. It offers highly specialized solutions to create added value for customers and partners among the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, Latvia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, China, Sri Lanka, Sweden and U.S.

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  • Head Office

    Trelleborg Wheel Systems Spa Via Nazionale Tiburtina 143 00010 Villa Adriana ITALY


Present on the stand : Mitas