Quick look at SIMAGENA 2017

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SIMAGENA has once again been the place to meet and do business for the whole French and international cattle sector, featuring open shows known throughout Europe, European auctions and commercial demonstrations of equipment in the Ring.

The 2017 edition has once again showcased naturally hornless cattle. 200 farmers, European livestock breeders and 250 heads of cattle will be in attendance. A showcase for innovation in genetics… visitors, purchasers and exhibitors have all been assured of numerous memorable experiences.



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8 breeds

Milk: Holstein, Montbéliard, Angus, Normande, Rouge des Prés

Beef: Charolaise, Limousine, Salers


Hall 2

The SIMAGENA arena has been set up in Hall 2, together with some of the milking and livestock breeding equipment which has extended into Hall 3.


Milk hub

Dairy cows has been given pride of place at their own special hub: the Normande, Holstein and Montbéliarde breeds will all be featured. A whole day has been set aside for them on Tuesday 28 February 2017. The program will feature presentations, competitions, auctions, and much more.


High-end breeding lines

Since 2003 and under the leadership of KBS Genetic, beef cattle breeds have contributed significantly to SIMAGENA’s renown. And the 2017 edition has been no different: for the first time, the breeding organisation has presented genetically refined lines of the Limousin breed – the fruit of endeavours that began 15 years ago.


SIMAGENA International Business Lounge

The SIMAGENA International Business Lounge in Hall 2 has been the place to meet and do business for all SIMAGENA exhibitors and foreign delegations.


The Ring

In addition to the open shows, genomic presentations and auctions, commercial demonstrations of equipment and machinery has been given in the Ring. Video accounts provided by French and international livestock breeders and companies has also been screened in the Ring throughout the 5 days of the show.



Five auctions has been held at the 2017 SIMAGENA – the leading event for its sector. They have been run by KBS Genetic, Diamond Genetics, Gènes Diffusion and Simon Genetic.