2017 highlights

More information about the SIMA 2019 event schedule will be available in 2018 on this page. Meanwhile, take a look at the highlights of 2017!

"Innovation First: being a farmer in 10 years"

Galerie de l'innovation SIMA 2017

The last edition of SIMA was closer than ever to the topics that matter to the sector, thanks to the theme “Being a farmer in 10 years”. 

As a laboratory of ideas, a project incubator, a focus on the future..., this topic was central to a number of exhibition highlights:

Innovation Gallery, the showcase of the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards.
Open Innovation: tractor driving simulators and exoskeletons.


SIMA conferences

SIMA Dealer's Day-Ting

The seminar entitled: "Being a dealer in 10 years: an overview of the challenges of tomorrow", was organized by SEDIMA and SIMA and aimed at all the dealer/distributor/importer visitors as well as manufacturer exhibitors, in the presence of dealer associations and heads of European, American and Chinese companies. Together, they provided an overview of the challenges faced by their sectors in the light of changes in New Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in particular, as well as sharing their views and experience.

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SIMA African Summit

A conference entitled: "Agricultural mechanisation in Africa: what strategy for progress?” was organized by AXEMA and SIMA

SIMA African Summit 2017

Many subjects were discussed such as high potential areas, testimonials, key factors of success and tools to grow in Africa.

This event was aimed at all exhibitors and African professionals (farmers, breeders).

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SIMA International Business Club

The International Business Club (Hall 6) was open to all visitors from abroad.

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