Profiles of innovative farmers

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Farmers speak to farmers!

The challenge faced by farmers today is to square the circle of running a competitive farming business whilst using production systems with a reduced environmental footprint. To achieve this, innovation is a crucial factor.


In association with INNOV’ACTION and Nuffield, SIMA is offering a platform to innovative farmers on their own farms, a showground for innovation. 


Every week, discover a new profile in France and abroad with:

  • easily replicable innovations developed and exhibited by farmers
  • presentations and demonstrations by farmers themselves
  • an assessment of innovations through the expertise of Chambers of Agriculture. 


#1 - GAEC Francou Marcel et Fils, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region (France)


Using farm-generated fertilisers 

“Livestock breeding has allowed us to become more autonomous with regard to fertilisers and make better use of forage and rejected potatoes.”




#2 - Craige MacKenzie, Ashburton (New-Zealand)

Craige MacKenzie
Craige 2

 Farming for the future

“Farming for the future: using the latest technology and science to improve how we work, increase our profitability and reduce our environmental footprint.”




#3 - Daniel Milhorat, Midi-Pyrénées region (France)

Developing sales of high added value wood products 

“I decided to join in with this group initiative because it represents a new source of diversification while also reducing investment costs.”




#4 - Steve Larocque, Alberta (Canada)

Steve Larocque - Carré

Sustainable agriculture for improved soil structure and yield.

"Delivering a resilient production system that can withstand rainfall, hot weather, wind, drought and everything that nature throws at us every year.”




#5 - GAEC du Tertre Goutte, Brittany (France)

GOUTTE - Carré

Automating for greater flexibility at work

“Our aim is to increase productivity per space and per labour unit whilst conserving flexibility in how we work.”




 #6 - Carla Mayara Borges, Goias region (Brazil)

Carla Mayara Borges
Carla : Carré

Achieve growth by converting land unsuitable for crop production and by structuring her organisation professionally

“Adopting a new perspective on unproductive land and converting it using cutting edge technology”  



#7 - Agnès and Eric Porcher, Vendée (France)

Agnès et Eric Porcher
Porcher : Carré
Optimise production results by modulating inputs within fields

“The aim is to reduce disparities in the field (history, soil type) from stem elongation phase.” 






#8 - Djamel Chaib, Algiers region (Algeria)

Djamel Chaib
Djamel Chaib

Protect wildlife and biodiversity, share resources (land, people, animals and plants) fairly.

 “The land is our mother, it has a soul, we must under no circumstances intimidate it, harass it or make calculations, it is capable of generosity towards patient people who know how to maintain it.”






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